Mathias Spoerry

Mathias Spoerrymathias

Born in France, Mathias began his musical education playing oboe and percussion and later studying singing with Elizabeth Vidal and André Cognet at the Conservatoire von Reuil-Malmaison.

In 2009 Mathias began medieval voice studies with Dominique Vellard at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis . During his studies in Basel he worked regularily with Crawford Young, Kathleen Dineen, Ian Harrison and Gerd Türk.

In 2010 Mathias joined the AVES programme of the SCB with Evelyn Tubb and Anthony Rooley.

Mathias performs and records regularily as a singer and percussionist in ensembles such as Sequentia (Benjamin Bagby), Gilles Binchois (Dominque Vellard), Venance Fortunat (Anne-Marie Deschamps), La Morra (Corina Marti und Michal Gondko), Diabolus in Musica (Antoine Guerber), Ordo Virtutum (Stefan Morent), Mora Vocis (Els Jansens)

Mathias joined White Raven in 2012.